European Summer, Ibiza - La Granja

In July, we headed to Ibiza. Having been my first time on the island I have a preconceived idea of what Ibiza was all about… I was thinking all things Avicii, David Guetta, foam parties and glow sticks in a sea of crowded clubs… Not exactly my idea of a holiday! 

Initially, our trip to Ibiza was planned to support a friend who was hosting a festival in conjunction with her NGO, Oceanic. A nonprofit organisation aimed to educate on the plastic pollution and destruction in our water ways. More on that later… 

We had a few subsequent days after the festival to spend exploring the island, before heading over to Formentera for a week. From the moment we arrived to Ibiza I knew there was much more to the island than I had originally presumed, there was a palpable energy on the island that had a very alluring charm, drawing in people from all walks, year after year. 

Our time in Ibiza was spent staying in a beautiful stone house hotel, built in the 19th century high on the hills, surrounded by valleys full of pine woods, we had amazing days full of sun exploring the true beauty of the island, finding numerous sandy coves and beaches and absorbing the arid, desolate, calming landscape of the Mediterranean countryside. The calmness teamed up with the amazing Oceanic festival, some parties and amazing restaurants made for an incredible stay.

During our time here, I met some lovely expat inhabitants of the island who came as young English, French and Australian hippies in the 1970s before the noise arrived and Ibiza was little more than a hilly, stoney island surrounding by crystal waters, making for wonderful diving. These were the true bohemians of Ibiza, reassuring me there is another side to Ibiza. I was determined to find it.

I had a thirst to unearth something that gave us a sense of the other side of Ibiza, how it used to be. Via word of mouth, I discovered La Granja, a relatively new hotel, its a beautiful rustic yet luxurious hideaway. They have turned a farmhouse in to a hotel, hidden in the hills above Santa Agnès de Corona, surrounded by their bio dynamic farmland, where they grow majority of what they serve. It is a members only requirement, meaning you rarely see fellow guests, making for an extremely peaceful place. Theres yoga, a beautiful simplistic mix of materiality and paddock to plate approach to food. Heaven. 

We arranged to have a 3 course, Farmers Table, vegan meal using the daily produce. They do not tell you what you will be having, rather it goes according to their daily harvest. 

We were seated under a big olive tree and enjoyed a meal which celebrated the produce of their farm’s biodynamic bounty.