Our philosophy here at YUMPKIN is all about sharing the power of a plant based lifestyle. I believe in a balanced, full circle approach to health, nutrition and lifestyle and I would be lying if I said that one size fits all when it comes to well-being and nutrition. We were not all born the same, nor do we share the same DNA so why would our diet and exercise routines be the same? I believe in a tailored, customisable approach to create a sustainable, tasty and healthy plant based whole food diet and encourage you to choose specific recipes, earth foods and exercise that resonates best with your body. 

I consciously choose a Whole Foods Plant Based way of living. Meaning everything that I eat is as close to its natural form as possible. I omit refined sugars, flours, dairy products, meat, seafood and anything that is overly processed. I make this decision for my health and every day I am grateful I can do so. It is amazing the power diet can have on your life and it rings true every day that we really are what we eat. 

If you want to work with me, please get in touch via racheldwyer27@gmail.com